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Do Your Trees Need Trimming?
Tree trimming enhances tree health and promotes safety.
Are You Concerned
About Oak Wilt?
Treating oak wilt requires prompt action and specialized care.
Has It Been Too Long Since Your Trees Were Fertilized
Tree fertilizer boosts tree
growth and vitality.
Want to Plant Trees but Unsure of Which species?
Planting the right tree species ensures ecosystem compatibility.
Guardian Tree Systems

We're fully insured, and safety is always a priority.

Founded in 1996, we’re a team of experienced arborists and groundsmen who take our role as tree guardians very seriously. Preserving and maintaining trees is at the heart of our mission.

We offer you peace of mind in hiring a tree company that is fast, reliable and responsive to your needs. Over the years we’ve worked with commercial and residential clients throughout Sarnia and Lambton County, Ontario to provide quality tree services including:

Family-owned Business

Guardian Tree Systems is a family-owned business, representing three generations of tree-industry Raaymakers. Co-founder Mike Raaymaker has more than 35 years in the field and is widely recognized as a leader in the arboriculture community.

Our Services

Our Quality Tree Services
Tree Removal
We provide expertise and assistance in the removal of trees big or small.
Tree Health Care
We take proactive measures to maintain the well-being and vitality of trees.
Tree Pruning
Our Tree pruning service ensures proper maintenance and aesthetics of trees while promoting their health and safety.
Tree Fertilization
Tree fertilization service enriches the soil with essential nutrients to promote healthy growth and vitality of trees.
Tree Cabling & Bracing
Our Tree cabling and bracing service provides structural support to strengthen trees and prevent branch failure.
Tree Stump Removal
Tree stump removal service efficiently eliminates unsightly stumps to enhance the aesthetics and safety.
Hazard Tree Assessment
Hazard tree assessment service identifies and mitigates potential risks posed by unstable or diseased trees.
Emergency Tree Care
We provide immediate assistance in addressing tree-related hazards or damages caused by storms or other unforeseen events.
Line Clearing
We  remove vegetation to maintain safe and reliable utility infrastructure.
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Seasonal mulch and wood chips available.
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